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Building Purchase

For over twenty-eight years we have been assisting clients with building purchases, having sold numerous office/warehouse buildings, production and light manufacturing facilities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Our knowledge and expertise in the local market area have provided excellent purchase opportunities and acquisitions for our clients by helping them located ideal facilities for their needs and negotiate attractive terms. Through extensive market knowledge, web based real estate market data, broker inventories, frequent email listing updates and regularly driving our market area, we keep a continuously updated inventory of available buildings for sale.

We also provide market information to our clients on building values and pricing utilizing comps and building sales data to help determine market value and insure they get a good buy and make a wise real estate decision in light of current market conditions.

Locating a property to buy sometimes takes time as the right property may not be readily available. Buildings for sale are generally harder to find and involve other factors versus a lease. Consideration should be given to the condition of the building, long-term growth needs, location, general functionality, historical appreciation and financing. Certain market conditions may or may not be advantageous to purchasing a building such as current values, interest rates or current lease rates. For example, if lease rates are low and attractive, and building values and/or interest rates are high, a purchase may not be as economically attractive as when market conditions are different. Moving incentives from landlords on a lease and upfront cost of a purchase are other considerations when considering a purchase versus a lease. We will help our clients evaluate a purchase versus a lease by providing a comparative economic analysis so that the client can make an educated decision in comparing these options.

In pursuing a building purchase it is advisable to be very diligent about the inspections on the property to make sure any repairs, defects, deferred maintenance, zoning and environmental factors that may affect the property are identified. We will provide expertise and guidance throughout the sale so that our inspections are thorough and we cover all issues that might affect the property or the sale. We make sure the buyer has plenty of time to conduct these investigations and do our homework before being obligated in the contract to proceed with the purchase.

We also provide assistance with financing by recommending lenders we have used to finance other transactions we have closed that are highly competent, competitive and reliable. In some cases, an SBA loan may be the most attractive option, by allowing purchasers to put less money down, a lower interest rate and a longer amortization schedule. A financing period timetable is recommended and we work with your lender to insure that they have all the information they need to process and approve the loan, as well as fund on schedule.

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