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Site Acquisition/Design-Build Services

Site Purchase
Most of the industrial zoned land has been purchased or controlled by large-scale developers who build speculative projects. As such, sites have become harder to find, especially smaller tracts, due to the lack of land developments which provide available sites to users.

This trend, and the fact that older sites have gradually been purchased by users and built on, has restricted site availability in many submarkets. Finding a site may be one of the bigger challenges facing a user seeking to build a new facility. This is where we will provide invaluable assistance to our clients by providing extensive market knowledge with the site search to locate any and all potential options.

Other Factors to consider when purchasing land include:

Property taxes

Flood plain

Deed restrictions



Tax abatements

City incentives

Inventory tax exemptions

Foreign trade zones

Consideration must be given to whether or not the site is located in a business park with restrictive covenants and how stringent they are. Generally, restrictive covenants are advantageous as they provide additional building design criteria than what the city may require and will help ensure quality development within the business park. However, the additional restrictions may impact other users in a negative way, such as limiting or excluding outside storage for example.

We make sure our clients know all the issues and factors that may affect any property they are pursuing.

Design-Build Services
Kee Commercial Realty provides expertise and assistance to companies interested in building a new facility to own. All of client's facility requirements will be identified and noted, and a full understanding of client’s operations, image criteria, preliminary design, expansion capability and budget parameters accessed prior to providing direction on how to proceed. We will then proved detailed information on the facility to selected and reputable contractors/developers who we feel would be the best fit for the job.

A thorough Request For Proposal (RFP) will be developed for the contractors so that we can obtain an accurate bid. We secure bids from at least three contractors who provide a design-build team and turn-key price. Kee Commercial Realty then assists client with establishing a competitive bid for the project and helps dissect and evaluate each proposal. Our professional service is designed to help clients with this process by providing expertise in initiating the project, negotiations, construction knowledge and preliminary design and layout input.

It has been our experience that there are two approaches to building a new facility:

In-house architect and quotes
A design-build team obtains quotes based on their individual designs and understanding of client's facility needs. It is supported by a detailed design spec on the building including a cost breakdown. This avenue can save costs by utilizing the services of an in-house architect, or an independent architect that is frequently used by the contractor selected to bid on the job. The design-build contractor then incorporates this cost into their total construction bid and guarantees the delivery price, with stipulations. Generally, this is the way to go if the building is of rather simple design and the owner want a more streamlined build process.

Independent architect and contractors
A full set of plans are drawn up by an independent architect, and is then given to contractors to bid from. The advantage of this method is an apples-to-apples bid. However, it is potentially more costly due to architect’s fees and tendency to over-design. We typically recommend that if the building is more unique in nature, and image and finish-out is important and above standard, then an independent architect would be advisable. If the building is rather simple and standard, then a design-build contractor would be recommended and advantageous from a cost standpoint.

Our services in assisting clients with a design-build project will enable them to successfully initiate the critical first phase of the construction process by providing the expertise, contacts, direction and advisement, ultimately delivering a quality project at a competitive price.

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