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Property Dispositions

Kee Commercial Realty provides professional marketing services for the sale or lease of industrial properties.

Our services include a broad marketing campaign for maximum exposure of the property to the prospective buyers, tenants and the brokerage community. We utilize all available internet and web based data services, our web site as well personal presentations to targeted companies or users.

Our marketing services include professional signage and a detailed, informative brochure or flyer for the property, both of which are at our cost. We feel that it is important for the flyer to have as much detail as possible and include all pertinent information on the property including site and floor plans, since buyers and tenants respond more positively with detailed information.

Prior to marketing the property we prepare a market analysis for the owner or landlord, which provides our opinion as to the value of the property or market lease rate, and recommendations for a quoted sale price or lease rate. Our estimates are based on and supported by sale or lease comps and current listing that are comparable to the subject property. It is critical in the marketing effort to price the property with realistic expectation and in-line with properties of similar size and quality to produce timely results. That said, we do our best to obtain the best sale price or lease rate in light of current market conditions.

We are very selective of the properties we market and do not take on a large number of listings. This is actually an advantage to our clients, since they and their listing will receive more individual attention. We are extremely responsive, cooperative and professional in our efforts in dealing with prospect and users. These work habits are a must when marketing a property as prospects and companies typically are very critical of their time. Prospective purchasers or tenants also want a smooth and professionally handled transaction, a Kee Commercial Realty trademark.

Most commercial brokerage companies in the Dallas area utilize either CoStar Realty Information or Xceligent real estate data services to list their properties and run searches for buildings for sale or lease for clients. We use both for our listings and run regular Xceligent CDX mails on our listings for additional exposure. These marketing emails go to approximately 1,600 real estate brokers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Additionally, we will make the property information easily and readily accessible to prospects and brokers via our web site's current inventory page and link to the property flyer.

Lastly, we will provide our clients with regular marketing reports on the activity on the property and keep them apprised of any market conditions that might affect the marketing of the property. We feel that our clients should be well informed with up-to-date progress reports to let them know we are making every effort to deliver results in timely manner.

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