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Tenant Representation Services

Professional Tenant Representation
Kee Commercial Realty provides professional representation to tenants seeking to relocate or expand operations and with a renewal of an existing lease. We develop and implement individually tailored negotiating strategies to help tenants achieve superior bottom-line results.

Landlords and their leasing agents are experienced, trained and motivated to achieve their economic objectives. For this reason, tenants should have a professional with a high level of professional expertise and qualifications to represent their best interest in the transaction. Kee Commercial Realty provides the experience, expertise and negotiating skills to turn the table in the tenant's favor. Representing the best interest of the tenant and acting as a buffer in negotiations, we provide a valuable interface between tenant and landlord. Our objective is to reduce your leasing cost and help our clients achieve attractive terms relative to current market rates and conditions.

Strategic Planning and Facility Requirements
A thorough understanding of tenant's facility requirements, economic objectives, growth projections, time-line and location and image preferences is critical in presenting suitable market options.

We record and scrutinize specific building criteria such as:

Size range
Dropped ceiling production area

Office area
Operation flow

Clear height
Building class

Loading doors

Truck access
Freeway access

Truck court length
Rail access

Building age

Power requirements
Area Amenities

Air conditioning
Employee drive-times

Sprinkler requirements
Customer proximity

Outside storage
Distribution routes

Based on careful evaluation of the space criteria above, Kee Commercial Realty will help tenant determine an appropriate real estate strategy and implement a building search. Helping tenants strategize and evaluate all market options, rates and availability, enables our clients to focus in on the best solutions to their real estate needs.

Market Information
Having defined tenant's objectives and facility requirements, we will conduct a thorough building search to locate all available market options that meet those parameters. We then prepare a summary of available buildings showing all pertinent information on each property. Our professional presentation will include photos, floor plans, flyers and location map on the selected properties along with a market analysis. Our information is up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive.

Kee Commercial Realty is continuously obtaining and updating its market information through a variety of sources including monthly broker and owner inventories, select mailings, real estate company web sites, web based real estate data services, industry contacts, leasing agents, developers and attending numerous meetings with fellow real estate professionals. These sources are backed-up by physically driving the area on a regular basis and upon each building search project. Knowing every building in your market area and being able to match them to each particular requirement is a distinct advantage.

Building Tour
After a review of the market information, a building tour can be scheduled on the selected properties. Kee Commercial Realty will coordinate appointment times with leasing agents and property owners so that the tenant gets the maximum usage of their time. We will assist tenant in evaluating each option in an effort to help tenant focus in on the best options. We will make recommendation of where the best opportunities may be and provide background and insight on particular properties and landlords where appropriate.

Request for Proposals
Proposals may be requested by landlords whose buildings appear to be suitable to meet tenant's preliminary requirements. Kee Commercial Realty can provide assistance in developing a detailed and precise request for proposal format which will identify tenant's preliminary terms and conditions. This document will form the basis for further negotiations and save valuable time.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is critical in establishing the terms upon which a lease will be structured, and needs to include specific information such as lease term, lease commencement date, tenant improvements, operating expense cap, HVAC warranty, lease concessions and other information pertinent to the transaction. A detailed RFP will result in a more accurate and complete Lease Proposal from the landlord, and eliminate deal oversights.

Lease Proposals/Letter of Intent
After establishing the basis for a lease through the RFP, landlords provide their lease proposals for the selected properties. Kee Commercial Realty will analyze the proposals and prepare a property cost comparison for tenants to easily determine true rental cost for each particular property.

After review with clients, we assist client in preparing a response to the landlord's Lease Proposal which may be in the form of a Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI will further specify the terms upon which tenant will proceed with a Lease Agreement and lease negotiations will commence through this format until an agreement is reached. If an agreement is reached in the negotiations, we will then proceed with a Lease Agreement. The RFP and LOI documents are non-binding, and only a fully executed Lease Agreement is a binding agreement.

Negotiating favorable terms for our clients is the end result of providing outstanding service. Kee Commercial Realty has been successful in negotiating very attractive terms, and in many cases, below market rates for its clients.

Our negotiation strategies are individually tailored to each client depending on their particular needs and market conditions. We have found that an aggressive, but diplomatic and professional approach is the appropriate way to handle negotiations and leads to a better outcome for our clients. Our goal is to obtain below market rates for our clients, and we will utilize our best efforts, negotiating skills and knowledge to achieve those results.

Execution of Lease
Having negotiated hundreds of leases, we are very knowledgeable when it comes to lease terminology and lease agreements. These documents can be lengthy and are typically landlord-oriented. As an assistant to tenantís legal counsel, we review the lease, provide comments and identify problematic clauses dealing with business point issues. We suggest language to protect tenant in such areas as operating expenses, repairs, tenant finish-out construction, expansions, renewals, lease assignment, holdover and other provisions we find to be unreasonable. We provide the expertise with these documents in our review that will create a more even-sided document, thereby protecting tenant from potentially costly exposures and risk.

Representation with a Renewal of an Existing Lease
Kee Commercial Realty provides professional representation to tenants seeking to renew their existing lease on their current facility. Landlords and landlord's leasing agents are motivated to maximize the return on investment on the building or project they own or represent. Typically, they are savvy institutional owners that are responsible for returns to pension funds or investors — which means that they must maintain healthy returns on their investment portfolios.

The leasing agent's fiduciary relationship is to the landlord, not the tenant. They are not in the business to give the tenants a break on their lease rate. As such, the tenant is vulnerable to ever escalating lease rates and increases in operating expenses. If the tenant does not have professional representation, they are subject to being at a disadvantage in lease negotiations. In addition, by not being in the industry, they are not informed of market rates, concessions, problematic lease clauses, operating expense CAPs as well as other issues that may affect the transaction.

This is where a knowledgeable, highly experienced commercial broker with tough negotiating skills can be of tremendous value to the tenant. We can turn the table in the negotiations by providing tenants with our knowledge of the market, tough negotiating skills and years of experience negotiating leases. Additionally, in some renewal negotiations, it may be necessary to utilize a competitive leverage strategy even though the tenant has no real intention of moving. A captive tenant is one that expresses no desire to move and thereby provides the landlord or landlordís leasing agent with more leverage and no real concern that they may lose the tenant. In this case, there are not as motivated to reduce the lease rate to retain the tenant. Kee Commercial Realty will eliminate this scenario by employing competitive leverage if necessary and educating tenant on the market and any conceivable market options even if a move may be a remote possibility. We will implement a negotiating strategy to improve tenant's negotiating position in the transaction, thereby resulting in increased motivation by the landlord and ultimately a more competitive rate for the tenant.

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